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Submitted on
January 2, 2013


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All my ponies and their relationships -updated-

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 2, 2013, 3:36 PM
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Alright, so I wanted to make this clear for everyone,
people keep asking to be my ocs special somepony.
This doesn't include ponies I've adopted and haven't drawn yet

Alright here we go:

Tulip Terry
Taken by Mlp-Antasma-Beat

Me as a pony
Single durr she would like to have a boyfriend, but her "older brother" and father would not allow it

Gold Digger
Single Looking for: rich and hardworking stallion, preferably unicorn or earth

Binkie by MonsterBunnies Single, toddler, doesn't know what love is

Willow Tree Pony by MonsterBunnies Taken by Lyric xxAurelia

Lacey by MonsterBunnies Taken by Thunderain owned by Aurora-dorable

Sweep and Pyra
Both single, both will use the breeding meme to find mates xD

Downfall Ref by MonsterBunnies taken by Goldbloom Shadowblazer117

Torn Archery
Torn Archery by MonsterBunnies Single. Looking for: (he isn't exactly looking but whatever) Somepony who loves camping, weaponry and is willing to rough it

Rainy Skies by MonsterBunnies Taken by Blue-Bees

Peachy Keen by MonsterBunnies Single Looking for: somepony to share in her all around happiness and won't complain about her constant laughing

Willy Nilly
Another Blank Flank by MonsterBunnies Single, not looking for anypony

Single. Looking for: Somepony with great taste in fashion, and crafts. Somepony with skilled magic (preferably unicorn)

Edelly Starglow by MonsterBunnies Single. Looking for: somepony who is as different as she is, somepony to share in her wonder of the stars

Fira Ref by MonsterBunnies Taken by Wick SharkMochi

Tack! by MonsterBunnies Single Looking for: another dragon xD

Gwendolyn and Genevieve
Genevieve Do-Good and Gwendolyn No-Good by MonsterBunnies Both single.
Gwen is looking for: nopony.
Genevieve is looking for: somepony who can help her overcome her shyness

Brass Locket
My Little Steampunk by MonsterBunnies I want to think she's taken by Fluffomaru's Low Key,... tee hee

Soft Satin
Single, looking for somepony with animal loving capabilities

Skunk Reference Sheet by MonsterBunnies Taken by Autopsy bloostormbrony
Tea Leaf
Tea Leaf by MonsterBunnies Single, looking for anypony who loves tea

Candy REF by MonsterBunnies Single, she doesn't really know what she wants

Mute Wine (the tall one)
Single, hasn't found a single pony who doesn't tease him for his wing size

Prince Darkdream
All Grown Up Prince DarkDream by MonsterBunnies Single (I think) Looking for: anypony

Princess Rose
All Grown Up Princess Rose Thorn by MonsterBunnies Single, looking for: somepony who loves to cause harm

Graffiti (boy) and Rebel (girl)
Both single, both don't want a relationship

Quil by Black-Rose-Emy Single, looking for nopony

Sweet Relief
Sweet Relief Chibi by Black-Rose-Emy Single, looking for somepony who loves to garden

Raindrop's Worry by Black-Rose-Emy Single, looking for somepony who loves the weather, and cold days (preferably pegasus)

Serenity Melody G4 Version by Black-Rose-Emy Single, lives on a boat so no relationships lol

I commissioned this from RitZin by Black-Rose-Emy Single, has the mind of a dog, so I don't really know xD

Gwen Guitar by Black-Rose-Emy Single, too proud to admit she really wants a special somepony

Woopsy Daisy
Woopsy Daisy by Black-Rose-Emy Single, rough and tumble kind of girl

Grey Rainbow
Grey Rainbow by Black-Rose-Emy Single, don't really know what she wants. Most likely somepony who is colorful (not too colorful)

Royal Heart
Royal Heart by Black-Rose-Emy Single, looking for a generous and caring pony

The Second Cirque by MonsterBunnies taken by Rudy owned by TheRobberBrony

Candle Stick
Candle Eyes by MonsterBunnies Taken by Firepop Jiroah

Nurse Joy
Nurse Joy by MonsterBunnies Single. Will take anyone willing

Soda Pop
Soda Pop by MonsterBunnies Single Baby

Orange Sherbet
Orange Sherbet by MonsterBunnies taken by Pitaya HitMeWithBrokenLeave

Gold Star
Taken by Glowstar luxrayfan33

Sugar Doll, Charm, and Venti
Three Lovely Ponies by MonsterBunnies All single
Sugar Doll: doesn't have time for a relationship
Charm: Wants someone who will help her overcome her shyness
Venti: Single, ladies man

Single, mate will be decided through breeding meme

Single looking for somepony who will help him cause havoc

Featherbrain DTA Entry by MonsterBunnies Single and willing

Single looking for a wild life lover

Crystal Clear
Breedable Entry by MonsterBunnies Taken by BleedingAutumn 's Seeker

Copper Coins, Sweet Beans and Rosie
So Different by MonsterBunnies All single
Copper Coins just wants somepony who will help him make the world a better place (uhg gay xD)
Sweet Beans wants somepony to talk with every morning :3
Rosie doesn't want a relationship
god damn thats a lot of ponies :C

skin by WikiME
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PuffySmosh Jan 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Can Minty Phresh Fizz [link] be with Tea Leaf or Venti?? (( i just wuv those 2 male ponies! ^^ ))
Well. I don't know who I would pair up with who but my ponies are also looking for their special somepony.
So instead of me saying which ones I'd think would look best, you could suggest or decide or whatever since they are /your/ ponies.
They are all pretty much looking.
Except Pitch cause he's a loner but I'm sure his mind (or heart) could be changed with the right pony.
MonsterBunnies Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well I could give suggestions for each one

for CoaCoa I would recommend-
[link] Sweet Beans, since she makes coffee and other hot drinks

For Pitch I would recommend-
[link] Gwendolyn (she may have a rough attitude, but she can be nice)
[link] Nurse Joy, she is a bit darker than most of my ponies

For Dashing I would recommend-
[link] Quil, since she is very old fashioned, I'm sure she would love the opera

For Dancing Koi I would recommend-
[link] Copper Coins, since he is very kind

You can choose one of these relationships ^^
not more than one because I want it to be fair for the others :)
Ooh! I really like Nurse Joy and Pitch. <3 They'd be a couple of the night. >3
But I also like Cooper and Koi.
Ffffff....But, I do respect the fact you want it to be fair for others, I'd do the same anyway.
Hmm....Decisions, decisions.
MonsterBunnies Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha yes
Well thank you for understanding
Do you want me to do a poll if you can't pick?
No problem. <3
And yeah, that'd be a good idea since I can't choose between the two of them. (':
MonsterBunnies Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome. (:
Now, we wait.
Lilybelle101 Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
can lily belle be with Venti? I am just shipping them sooo much right naow
cupcakedog Jan 3, 2013
oh my oc nigh hawk would be perfect here the second one [link]
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